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How to flash i.MX6 Quad from recovery mode

Question asked by Will Korteland on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2014 by Will Korteland

I have an i.MX6 Quad, and due to an earlier mistake I am using recovery mode over the OTG USB. I can get it to boot to a specific u-boot.bin stored on my laptop, and I'm trying to copy it to the flash storage on the board (via the microSD card) so I no longer have to use recovery mode. Using instructions I found elsewhere, I've tried the following:


> mmc dev 1

> ext2load mmc 1:1 12000000 u-boot.bin


But on the second command, it just hangs indefinitely (I tried leaving it for 20 minutes). What am I doing wrong here? I'm very new to embedded development, so I might need you to talk slowly