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How to set the PHY address for LAN8720A

Question asked by Chaitannya Mahatme on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Trilok JT

Hi ,


I am programming a custom board based on MK60DN512 chip.

We are using LAN8720A as a PHY device. Tricky part is determing /setting the PHY ID.

I don't know what is the default ID. In the datasheet they have mentioned that the we have to assert RXER pin low to set the PHY ID. How to assert RXER pin low when it is not configure as GPIO.


I have written a simple code which tries to read the PHY_PHYIDR1 register of LAN8720. I am not getting any valid data.




    vTaskDelay( netifLINK_DELAY );

    usData = 0xffff;

    ret=mii_read( 0, id, PHY_PHYIDR1, &usData );


  } while( usData == 0xffff);