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"How to enable BT on board imx6q_sabresd" my bluetooth service isn't started.

Question asked by gong liu on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2016 by zhang huan

i want to enable bt  on board imx6q_sabresd with android 4.3 , ,and i follow this How to enable BT on board imx6q_sabresd Configure my bsp code,but id didn't work ,the type of my bluetooth chip is "ivt_BlueSoleil_i480e".

now i can power on the rfkill,and set "sys/class/rftkill/rfkill0/state" to 1.but the can not enable BT, the logcat says "E/BluetoothAdapterState( 3195): Error enabling Bluetooth"

and in "/device/fsl/sabresd_6dq/" i set "BOARD_USE_AR3K_BLUETOOTH := true",so in "/hardware/imx/libbt-ath3k" module.


the logcat is:

I/bt_upio ( 3195): open set_bluetooth_power success

I/bt_upio ( 3195): write bluetooth_power success

I/bt_vendor( 3195): AR3002 ::BT_VND_OP_USERIAL_OPEN

I/bt_hwcfg( 3195):  hw_config

I/bt_hwcfg( 3195):  init_uart

I/GKI_LINUX( 3195): gki_task_entry: gki_task_entry task_id=0 [BTU] starting

I/bt-btu  ( 3195): btu_task pending for preload complete event

I/bt_hwcfg( 3195):  ath3k_init

E/bt-btif ( 3195): ...preload_wait_timeout (retried:0/max-retry:0)...

D/BluetoothAdapterState( 3195): CURRENT_STATE=PENDING, MESSAGE = ENABLE_TIMEOUT, isTurningOn=true, isTurningOff=false

E/BluetoothAdapterState( 3195): Error enabling Bluetooth


is mean my bluetooth enable timeout?


sorry, i am a newer,please help me ,thanks.