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How can I make web server reachable through DNS (by host name, not IP)

Question asked by jack errsion on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Daniel Chen

Hi erverybody,

     I was suing the MK60D100M Board, the software is based on the MQX4.1. In my project, we need reache the Board's web server thorgh the host name, not the Board's IP address. I found the link Re: How do you make a web server reachable through DNS (by name, not IP) and add the host name succefully, but it can't reache the webserver. I ask the FAE in china, they told me that I have to implement the DNS server function in mu Board, but I know that the MQX only has DNS client API. So my question is how I can implemnt the DNS server function ?