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Not getting EOS from gstreamer

Question asked by Shrimanth Ramesh on Dec 22, 2014
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Dear Technical Support Team,


Am using L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130_source in imx28 custom board, I have a c-application as shown below and I like to play audio files continuously one after the other from pen-drive using gstreamer.


Am facing the one issue, songs will be playing one after the other continuously but after 2 or 3 hours it doesn't go to next song automatically .

Even If i try to play next song by seek option, it plays song but with old metadata & after completing that song again it wont go to next song automatically.


I tried to debug the issue in gst-fsl-plugins-3.0.6/tools/gplay/mfw_gplay_core.c file by putting some debug prints & below are my observation:


- In normal working condition, once song is completed it comes inside my_bus_callback() function & goes inside GST_MESSAGE_EOS case condition.


- But in NOT working condition,once song is completed it doesn't come inside my_bus_callback() function.


- I am not getting why my_bus_callback() is not getting called after few hours.


Could you please kindly help us as early as possible in resolving the above issue i.e, the song should play continuously one after the other





To monitor the end of song(EOS) I am running a thread where it checks pplayer->klass->wait_message() for FSL_PLAYER_SUCCESS.

But in NOT working condition we are not getting FSL_PLAYER_SUCCESS even when song is finished playing.

Below is part of our code snippet 


void gstreamer_notification_thread_fun(fsl_player_handle handle)



    pplayer = (fsl_player*)handle;

    fsl_player_ui_msg msg;

    fsl_player_ret_val ret_val = FSL_PLAYER_SUCCESS;

    fsl_player_u64 totalDuration = 0, elapsedDuration = 0;



    printf("Audio Handler:Gstreamer notification thread created \n");




        if( FSL_PLAYER_SUCCESS == pplayer->klass->wait_message( handle, &msg, FSL_PLAYER_FOREVER) )


            switch( msg.msg_id )


                case FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_EOS:

                    printf(" Audio Handler:FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_EOS\n");




            // Wait until eos message has been processed completely. Fix the bug of play/stop hang problem.





                        /* Stop elapsed timer & reset it */


                        g_pSysConfigSettings->usb1mediaSettings.elapsedTime =0;

                        iThreadFlag = 0;


        // always move forward while in playlist send direction value as 1

                    play_next_song(1); // SEEK FORWARD




         case FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_EXIT:

                                        printf("   Gstreamer Notification  FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_EXIT \n" );

                case FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_INTERNAL_ERROR:

                                        printf("  Gstreamer Notification  FSL_PLAYER_UI_MSG_INTERNAL_ERROR \n" );


                                        printf("   Gstreamer Notification  default %d\n",msg.msg_id );


                                        // Wait until eos message has been processed completely. Fix the bug of play/stop hang problem.









Awaiting for your replies,


Please provide us with your inputs as early as possible,



Thanks in advance again