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Now Available: MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK v1.1

Discussion created by Maclain Lobdell Employee on Dec 19, 2014
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We are pleased to announce the release of MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK v1.1.


MCUs Supported

  • Kinetis K-Series MCUs: K22, K64, KV31, K24, K60,
  • Kinetis L-Series MCUs: KL46
  • Kinetis V-Series MCUs: KV10

New Features and Updates

  • MQX Lite configuration option – Very lightweight kernel configuration for resource-limited devices.  Example usage provided.
  • Library simplification – BSP library no longer required; PSP library now MQX library
  • Benchmark tools – code-size and timing analysis scripts are provided
  • MQX File System (MFS) support for storage devices – USB MSD and SDCard
  • Real-time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS) Updates
    • Websockets now supported
    • More IPv6 protocol support (add-on available for purchase) – TFTP, SNMP, FTP, Telnet, DHCPv6
    • cyaSSL TLS/SSL (free commercial evaluation add-on) – Enabling secure network communications
  • Tools support – Kinetis Design Studio v1.1, IAR v7.20, Keil v5.11, Atollic v5.1.0, GNU tools for ARM® (Windows & Linux)


How to install

As of Kinetis SDK v1.1, MQX RTOS and all associated stacks and middleware are now available from the Kinetis SDK installer itself.

Download from the Kinetis SDK site.

Then choose to install Kinetis SDK + MQX.


Getting Started and User’s guides are available in the folder:  <Kinetis SDK Install Dir>\rtos\mqx\doc\tools

Getting Started with Freescale MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK.pdf

Freescale MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK User's Guide_review.pdf


Guides for each Toolchain are available in the folder: <Kinetis SDK Install Dir>\rtos\mqx\doc\tools







Best of luck with your development projects!