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I2C and SPI processor expert driver explanation

Question asked by Tejasvi K on Dec 18, 2014
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I am learning to program microcontrollers on K20-Frdm hardware and some K60 custom boards.

I have had some success with baremetal coding and I wanted to try out the processor expert drivers.


Where do I find documentation for the drivers? The generated code has comments but does not have great clarity on the functions and the arguments passed to them. I shall use the SPI and I2C functions to indicate the situation.


I2C driver:


CI2C1_MasterReceiveBlock(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_TData *BufferPtr, LDD_I2C_TSize Size, LDD_I2C_TSendStop SendStop)


CI2C1_MasterSendBlock(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_TData *BufferPtr, LDD_I2C_TSize Size, LDD_I2C_TSendStop SendStop)


Does the send block only send one byte? Does it send multiple bytes?

The same question for the receive block.


How would one use this for single byte/multi byte read for a device like MMA8451 or FXOS8700Q?

There are some example codes but they don't elaborate much on the documentation.


How about the SPI driver which has functions like


SS1_SendBlock(LDD_TDeviceData *DeviceDataPtr, LDD_TData *BufferPtr, uint16_t Size)


Is there a place where I could find some documentation about these functions


PS: assume I know very little about microcontrollers and programming. (I wrote my first piece of code six weeks ago!)