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Problem when booting MKE4Z08.

Question asked by Bo Liljedahl on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Seongwoong Kim


I am working in project where a Kinetis MKE04Z8VFK4 is used. The problem I have is that the CPU:s external oscillator does not start when the Power to the CPU is cycled OFF and ON again. When the code is downloaded and started the CPU is executing the code correctly. But when the Power is cycled I can see that the external oscillator does not oscillate and no code is executed. I have assembled a number of MKE04Z8VFK4 on other circuit boards and there it works perfectly. It seems that the LVD or POR reset is the problem here, the ICS is not initiated correctly after POR. When I reset the CPU by activating the reset pin the CPU starts up correctly.  I use an Segger J-link Pro to download the code to the CPU. The CPU is running in FEE clock mode.  I have tried to run the CPU in FEI clock mode with the same result, no code is executed.


Please help me in this matter because I am running out of ideas how to go on.