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Marco error of CW10.6

Question asked by K.h. Qin Employee on Dec 17, 2014
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I am helping customer to create a calendar , the code I once used on K60, now I migrate it to PT60,platform is not problem but point is as long as I used marco to define count and use in algorithm, the value go crazy...

It maybe some setting of CW10.6  cause it.

Please see the picture below:

use the lower part, work fine, use upper, once the time go around 3 hours 40 minutes, the year will add 1 directly.

calendar issue.png

and a other problem, I cannot multiply "one" element of a structure directly, once used, value go crazy again...

I must give it to a variable first, then works fine.

even so, still cannot use marco instead of 3600, will reach a wrong value.

calendar issue 1.png

calendar issue_1.png


My code attached, thanks!

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