How to move a discussion/document?

Discussion created by denisse_mendoza on Dec 17, 2014

If you are the author of the discussion/document or if you have admin permissions you will be able to move the community asset from one place to another:

Go to the right side Actions menu and click Move

12-17-2014 4-04-19 PM.png

A window will come up, start typing the name of the place where you would like to post the community asset

12-17-2014 4-04-40 PM.png

Choose the right one and click Yes - move it here

12-17-2014 4-04-55 PM.png

The file will stop existing in the current place and will be stored in its new location.

You might have to remove existing comments/inline comments from the publication, if you don´t want the new audience to have access to them

12-17-2014 4-05-20 PM.png

12-17-2014 4-05-50 PM.png

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