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i.MX6S can't boot or access NOR flash

Question asked by andreas karlsson on Dec 17, 2014



I would like some input on troubleshooting a NOR flash on an i.MX6.

It is a custom board

CPU: i.MX6

Flash: Spansion S29GL256S90TFI010

Boot config: NOR Flash

SRC_SBMR1 = 0x26004000 , Not multiplexed 01 - A+DH, NOR flash

BOOT_MODE[1:0] = 10



It is connected similar to the SABRE AI,



I can't access it and since I can't access it it's obviously empty and the internal boot hangs trying the backup boot via serial USB.

I've tried to access the flash via Lauterbach and J-link. No luck


I've copied the EIM and CCM registers from the internal BOOT settings to use with the T32 imx6 sample script, I've converted it to i.MX6S from i.MX6Q.


When running the T32 flash script it stops on the first Flash access. (attached is T32 flash cmm)


Any ideas?

Of course it can be Hw related but I'd like any input for possible Sw issues in parallel.




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