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Unable to debug KE02

Question asked by Ardoster on Dec 17, 2014
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Using a MKE02Z64 on a custom board, I'm having problems to connect it to debug. When monitoring the reset line, I can see the MCU resets itself every 40us. Why? I don't understand this point, and there's no so much information about this problem. But I found this other thread: Kinetis K20 - unable to debug.


This thread says that I must pull-down the reset line, and a mass erase must be performed. Although I'm able to pull-down the reset line (i.e. using an external pull-down, or by configuring it in Lauterbach), I'm not able to perform the mass erase.


As debugger environment, I'm using Lauterbach


What can I do? Any suggestion? Any idea although using a different debug envionment is welcome.


Thanks you in advance,