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U-boot-NOR built with poky + meta-fsl-ppc doesn't work on p1010rdb

Question asked by Fahad Usman on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by Fahad Usman


I am trying to build u-boot using the u-boot recipe from meta-fsl-ppc layer with vanilla poky metadata. It works fine when we flash the corresponding binary to NAND flash, but the NOR version of u-boot doesn't work on either of the NOR memory banks. The behaviour is the same with p1010rdb-pa and p1010rdb-pb boards. I am following the steps from README file in u-boot sources directory. The board appears to be stuck and nothing is printed on the serial terminal.


However if I use the u-boot-NOR binaries built with FSL QorIQ SDK 1.6, they work just fine.


Fahad Usman.