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Kernel 3.10.31 Beta + Vivante Hardware Acceleration

Question asked by John Reep on Dec 16, 2014
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To all,

  I have begun migrating over to the latest 3.10.31 Beta Kernel that is in the Freescale git repository.  I have built the Kernel fine and am using an 07-2014 version of U boot.  I am also using the latest Debian Jessie built using debootstrap and so on.  Now,  I want to enable to the Vivante graphics and have had mixed success with the 3.10.17_ga Kernel from around 6 months ago. 


During the prior Kernel work, I managed to get Xserver built and have it load the GPU.  The Xserver log would show that a GC2000 had been found etc.  I also could use glxinfo to test whether the MESA libraries were being loaded or the correct Vivante drivers.  I eventually managed to get glxinfo to show that the Vivante drivers were being loaded.  However, I had broken the ability for the OS to run glxgears.  The simple OpenGL glxgears program would work so long as glxinfo returned the MESA stack as the drivers being loaded.  I am hopeful that the latest Vivante drivers and the latest Kernel stack will eliminate any ambiguity I may have experienced/caused on my first run at hardware acceleration. 


Back to my current question:  I have noticed that when my K3.10.31 boots, it reports that vddpu: disabling.  I started to look into this only because it appears that when I try to launch X, the system hangs.  I believe it is hanging similar to earlier issues that had to do with the power system.  I have checked the Yocto/FSL/U-Boot forums for pass issues with the VDDPU, Anatop regulator subsystem, etc.  However, I have not found where the output message is occurring that states that vddpu: disabling.  I believe that my U-Boot is modern enough that it does not have the disabling code that was commented on in some posts. 


Furthermore, if I disable x from starting at the beginning, I can log into my serial console.  If I attempt to startx from user space, it runs and eventually hangs at loading extension vivext.  In searching for this, I found this similar thread


X11/vivante_drv crash on Kernel 3.10.17


However, I am not building in Yocto and would appreciate a nudge in the correct direction to enabling the LDOs for the GPU.  I wouldn't even mind force enabling since I am using my own forks for tracking purposes for now.


Thanks for the time,