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Problem with EDGE interrupt detection and generation

Question asked by Pivk Luka on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by richard_stulens



We have a GPIO pin defined as input and interrupt on that pin is configured as falling edge. When we plug the clock/signal generator/or just simple DC voltage to that GPIO pin we get some extra interrupts on rising edge.

As you can see on images:


CLOCK is the input signal to that GPIO

TEST is the pin that toggles on every interrupt it receives.

DATA  you can just ignore it on some pictures.


We are running Windows Embedded Compact 7.


What we did so far and didn't help:


1. Enable schmitt trigger - does nothing

2. Enable digital filters - does nothing

3. Change PIN - same thing happens

4. Change PORT - same thing happens

5. Frequency of clock signal doesn't effect the issue

6. Use another GPIO as interrupt source - same thing happens

7. Used the rising edge interrupt - same thing happens




We tried on VF6XX and VF5XX