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Current Sense Amplifier settling time tcslsst on S12ZVM

Question asked by Ikki Shingu on Dec 16, 2014
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I would like to clarify the definition of Current Sense Amplifier large signal settling time(tcslsst) on S12ZVM.


There is a spec as simulation data in S12ZVM RM rev1.5 Appendix E #41 as below,

   Current Sense Amplifier large signal settling time (tcslsst) : typ 2.9us

I cannot find the condition infomation of this simulation in RM.


On the other hand, there is the description in section1.13.3.2, as below

"The current sense amplifier delay is highly dependent on external components."


So, I cannot understand how tcslsst is specified and how we can treat a tcslsst spec.

Then could you tell me the condition(external circuit)  when tcslsst is specified?


The purpose of this quistion is to decide the ADC timing of feedback current sensing.


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