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IMX6 Sololite Custom board based on I.MX 6 SOLOLITE EVK

Question asked by Vinothraj M on Dec 15, 2014
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I am trying to porting the TI WL18XX WIFI  Driver in Android-JB on a IMX6 Sololite custom board based on IMX6SLEVK and I have  facing some problems.

I am using the Android Jelly Bean of the IMX6SLEVK for my custom board with some changes I had made.


Already the Atheros WIFI if ported in Android Jelly Bean for  IMX6SLEVK.


So i applied patches for the Android jelly bean for my custom board. But when i am compiling the Android JB , Only atheros Wifi code is compiled.  TI WL18XX WIFI  code did not compiled .


I also  attached the TI WL18XX WIFI driver patch in this post. Please find it.

Please kindly suggest any ideas to overcome this issue.




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