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How work exactly the MFS?

Question asked by arnogir on Dec 15, 2014
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I'm using MQX 4.1 on K70 with an external Nandflash linked to the NFC.


I open this device and mount a device ("a:") and then use to store a big file resource used by PEG (400 000 Bytes)


Also, for my application, I want save some parameter in a file.

Then I open a file, save some data and close the file.


But after a power off/On, data are note saved in the file. I must close the MFS.


But I think If I close to re open, My PEG resource could not run correctly..


Is mandatory to close the MFS to save definitely a file into the Nandflash?

How work the MFS? When data are realy saved in the nandflash?