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My Egalax 15"  resistance touch screen is not accuracy

Question asked by Bernie Chen on Dec 13, 2014
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I suffered a problem in android 4.4.2 with mx6q_sabresd custom board. That is when I put finger in the screen ,then the cursor appeared just like you use the mouse. When I put the finger in the middle of touch screen, the mouse overlaps with finger, in the other hand, it is very accuracy in the middle of screen. Unfortunately, I move the finger to the left of edge of screen , the mouse is right to the finger, then I move the finger to the right of edge of screen , the mouse is left the finger, and at last I move the finger to the down of edge of screen,  the mouse is up to finger. It looks like the panel smaller than touch screen. It is very not accuracy around the touch. I doubt that the mouse cursor make touch screen not accuracy, because I find eGalax_Touch_Screen.idc file in system/usr/idc/ , the contents tell us it doesn't need to calibrate.








cat /proc/bus/input/devices



Handlers= mouse event3






touch.deviceType = touchScreen

touch.orientationAware = 1


touch.size.calibration = none

touch.orientation.calibration = none





1 Is my guess accurate?

2 How can I remove the mouse when I put finger in the screen?

3 How can I verify that idc file is loaded accurately?

4 If my guess is wrong. What method to let me calibrate? tslib ? I have porting tslib in Android 4.4 and get 7 coefficients but I don't know

   how to apply them.

ps. kernel driver for touch screen is egalax_ts.c. I need to revise it ?

Thanks very much.