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Freescale MC9S12XEP100 - trying to find out some info about it

Discussion created by doraemon ha on Sep 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2007 by Steve Mcaslan
recently i am learnning about the mircocontorller... and this is my first datasheet i even read...i am trying to find out some information from the datasheet of MC9S12XEP100...but 1400 pages of datasheet (compare with 300 pages)  for single microcontorller and the difference terms used in questions and datasheet really upset me =(
is there anybody know MC9S12XEP100 well or very good in datasheet reading could spend some time annswer me a few questions about MC9S12XEP100 that can be found in datasheet and share some experience on reading datasheet more effectively?

1.What is the maximum clock frequency that the microcontroller supports?
3.What is the addressable cell size of the memories?
4.How many bits wide is/are the address buses?
5.Does the microcontroller have support for external memory? If so, what is the maximum external memory size that can be addressed?
6.How many registers are there? so What is the size and purpose ?
7.What is the size  of the instructions?
8.How many instructions are there in the instruction set?
10.Does the microcontroller's instruction set support 8-bit addition*? 16-bit addition*? 32-bit addition*? What is the size of the largest addition supported*? Is multiplication supported*? What is the size of the largest multiplication supported*? (* = in a single instruction)
11.How many counters and/or timers does the microcontroller have? What sizes are they?
12.How many and what internal and external interrupt sources can the microcontroller service?
13.How many general-purpose (i.e. programmable) I/O ports does the microcontroller have? How many bits wide are they? Are they inputs/outputs or bidirectional?