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i.mx28 install on singlechip NAND by Mfgtools, divide to two files and uImage to download

Question asked by John Cheng on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by igorpadykov

<LIST name="Singlechip NAND" desc="Install on singlechip NAND">

<CMD type="boot" body="Recovery" file="" timeout="60" if="HabDisable">Booting update firmware.</CMD>

<CMD type="boot" body="Recovery" file="" timeout="60" if="HabEnable">Booting update firmware.</CMD>

<CMD type="find" body="Updater" timeout="180"/>

<CMD type="push" body="mknod class/mtd,mtd0,/dev/mtd0"/>

<CMD type="push" body="mknod class/mtd,mtd1,/dev/mtd1"/>

<CMD type="push" body="mknod class/misc,ubi_ctrl,/dev/ubi_ctrl"/>

<!-- UBI image support

* If the user has ubi image, he can use below command to program ubi image to certain mtd device.

* <CMD type="push" body="pipe ubiformat /dev/mtdX -y -f - -S @FILESIZE" file="files/ubi.img">Sending and writting rootfs</CMD>


* If @FILESIZE is not supported at host tool, please replace it with real file size in byte.



****************************TAKE CARE************************************

* Adding below line if the user wants to erase all blocks including bad blocks.

* Users may use this option only when the bad block flag is changed between two

* operations, like the first operation is for WinCE, and the second opertion is for

* Linux.

* Besides, ONLY adding below line at R&D periods, as this may will cause the whole

* Nand chip unstable.


* echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/gpmi-nfc.0/ignorebad



<CMD type="push" body="$ flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0">Erasing rootfs partition</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1">Erasing rootfs partition</CMD>


****************************TAKE CARE************************************

* If the user sets ignorebad flag above, please clear it here

* echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/gpmi-nfc.0/ignorebad



<CMD type="push" body="send" file="files/">Sending firmware</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ kobs-ng init $FILE">Flashing firmware</CMD>


<CMD type="push" body="$ ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 1 -d 0">Attaching UBI partition</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="mknod class/ubi,ubi0,/dev/ubi0"/>

<CMD type="push" body="$ ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -n 0 -N rootfs0 -s 256000000">Creating UBI volumes</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ ubimkvol /dev/ubi0 -n 1 -N data -s 128000000">Creating UBI volumes</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ mkdir -p /mnt/ubi0; mount -t ubifs ubi0_0 /mnt/ubi0" />

<CMD type="push" body="pipe tar -jxv -C /mnt/ubi0" file="files/rootfs.tar.bz2">Transfer rootfs</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="frf">Finish Flashing NAND</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ umount /mnt/ubi0">Unmounting</CMD>

<CMD type="push" body="$ echo Update Complete!">Done</CMD>


    The below commands will trigger reboot

    <CMD type="push" body="!3">Done</CMD>






Dear All,

              i have a customer download code to Nandflash, but there is only one, athough it include two files and uImage,

but when it boot up, i can't access to the uboot console, so is there a ucl.xml script can download and uImage alonely on the Nandflash.



Best Regards,