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How to download U-boot to RAM with Trace32 ? (iMX28)

Question asked by Daniel Yun on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2014 by Daniel Yun

Hello, guys.


Board : iMX28-evk based

Boot Method : NAND flash (Zentel 128MB)

RAM : DDR2 (Zentel 64MB)



We have made a new board revision named ES_01.

Until the WS_02 board, everything works fine.


But, with this new ES_01 board, there's some problem with USB download. (the USB D+/D- path is not working)

So I tried to download U-boot image directly from RAM to NAND flash.

For the first step, I had attached Lauterbach Trace32 to our ES_01 board successfully.

As for the second step, I had initialized the ES_01 board's DDR2 ram.

And then, I've downloaded u-boot binary to 0x41008000 RAM address and Reset the P.C to 0x41008000.

But, whenever I started the u-boot routine, I got this answer by debug UART.

"Undefined Ins0x80508002"


I am stuck up here.

Any advice would be helpful.