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Kinetis Programmer for beginners

Question asked by Pratiek Bhadranavar on Dec 10, 2014
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I know a lot of similar questions have been asked about this, please bear with me. I searched the forum as well as on Google and found out a few helpful sites like USBDM. BUT - This is important - But I couldn't find any simple explanation or solution like how one might find for the PICs. (I used to work with PIC MCUs before) What options does one have for a sub $100 programming device for the Kinetis series MCUs? With minimum assembly work for me, unlike some of the DIY projects, which will become a separate project in their own right.


Here's a list of the options that I have seen -

1. Modifying a Freedom board

     Advantages - Cheapest of the lot. Can use KDS or CW

     Disadvantages - Processor lock in (it will allow only that MCU which is on the original board). Also unauthorized.


     I couldn't make out what the site expected me to do. Buy their stuff? Build my own? and for a beginner it was quite hard to get to know all the acronyms lol !!


I don't expect a free tool for production programming, but at least a reasonably priced one for production of about 10 pcs a month.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a major stumbling block. If unavailable, we might have to consider moving back to something with cheaper tools.


edit - We chose Freescale because it has a very interactive and helpful community compared to some other ARM suppliers. Also the forum is very well designed for beginners.