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IIC Bus Busy always active - how do I clear it?

Question asked by Matthew Reed on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Matthew Reed

Whenever I enable the IIC module the Bus Busy bit is set.  I'm the only master on the line, the lines are pulled high.  No start signal has been generated.  Why is the bus busy?  How do I clear it?





Ok, not always.  After a bit of messing with it the busy bit is not always set.


But - I can't set MST (master) bit.  This has always been true, I thought it was related to the busy bit.


Even in the debugger, I set the master bit and it immediately clears.


I don't get it?  Why would it not set?  I've set the pins to GPIO output and written to them, they work fine.  Why won't master work?