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mcc transmission only an intermediary breakpoint

Question asked by Heinz Roitner on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Radek Sestak

Dear support,


I am sending data via mcc from a Vybrid M4 to an A5 using MQX (for my system data see thread 329003).


Lately I am not receiving any data on the A5 unless I first run into a breakpoint on M4 (which was arbitrarily chosen).


I wonder if this has to do with the message on the debugger which I get after halting (without breakpoint) and attempting to proceed further


Target Message: Attempt to go without Thumb state set in xPSR




! Continuing failed


! Unable to run device Cortex-M4_0


! Bad mode for step/go.


Also on the breakpoint list after the mentioned breakpoint  there is the suffix [ #1 T32(Thumb)]. Otherwise only [#1].


I would like the mcc to work without the 'breakpoint trick'. Can you help?


With best regards,