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i.MX6DL:iATU register write sequence

Question asked by koichi sakagami on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Yuri Muhin

Dear community,


We have been developing their product with iMX6DualLite.
We make the device driver for PCIexpress.

In i.MX6 Reference Manual ( MX6SDLRM ) 4443 page,
it says that " Since AXI core is async to the core_clk, the iATU registers
may not be updated while operations are in progress on the AXI
Bridge Slave interface. "


In the case of writing to the PCIE_PL_iATURLBA register,
Is it the correct method as follows ?


1. write to the Viewport Register (PCIE_PL_iATUVR).
2. read the Viewport Register (PCIE_PL_iATUVR).
3. if the correct value is read, write to the PCIE_PL_iATURLBA register.
4. if the correct value is NOT read, wait until the correct value is read.
    And write to the PCIE_PL_iATURLBA register.


Best Regards,
Koichi Sakagami