Optimizing ARM Cortex-A9 Support in Windows Embedded Compact by Adeneo Embedded

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Over the last year Adeneo Embedded has been confronted with reports of random processor deadlocks and operating system crashes from customers using our Freescale i.MX6 Windows Embedded Compact Board Support Package.


In close collaboration with Freescale, as a Premier Partner, an Adeneo dedicated team of senior engineers worked with a number of our key customers to analyze and solve the issues across the board. With the latest version of the Adeneo i.MX6 Windows Embedded Compact (7 and 2013) BSPs we are confident this has been achieved.


To share our findings with the Embedded community, we wrote a white paper about our in-depth investigations. All information in this whitepaper applies to Windows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013 as well as all variants of i.MX6.


For more information about Adeneo Embedded i.MX6 Windows Embedded Compact BSPs, visit:  http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/en/Products/Board-Support-Packages/Freescale-i.MX6



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