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e2label bad magic number in superblock

Question asked by Krzysztof Szałach on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by gusarambula

Hello to everyone, thanks for having opportuinty to use i.MX, that is really great!


We're using mx6q and trying to build Android 4.2.2 from scratch basing on varwiki page but we stucked on creating bootable SD (

There was need to modify because data partition was too large (fdisk stated that partition 4 is occuping more space than available), so we changed data_size variable to total_size - sum of all other partitions


When executing "sudo ./ /dev/sdb mx6q" (sdb is sd card) there is error message and the end of script:

e2label bad magic number in superblock while trying to open /dev/sdb/5.

Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.


Here is log from rs223 debug port: U-Boot 2009.08.02-00698-g188d8b8 (sie 06 2014 - 08:26:25)... -


It ends with message "init: Unable to open persistent property directory /data/property errno: 2" and on LCD we see open Android with red exclamation mark.


Can you suggest us what we did wrong?