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KL03 KDS "m_data" errors

Question asked by K.h. Qin Employee on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by K.h. Qin

I’m creating a KL03 PE&SDK project in KDS 2.0, only add a lpuart component, define and configure struct in main, just trying to print “hello world”. Then build cannot passed with errors. Report that “m_data” overflowed.



Searched in files, found it here below and try to add the length(default is 0x00000600), then build can be passed, but will stop at “reset_handler” after download.



I once met the “m_data” issue on KE04 with MQX-LITE, but this one I even no change anything about the osa setting.

So could your guys take a look about this? Thanks a lot!

Code attatched.

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