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LCD touch-screen on K60F120

Question asked by Camille Schneider on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by Luis Casado



I have tried to use the touch screen from the TWR-LCD connected to the primary elevator to my TWR-K60F120. Although I have succeeded in using the LCD to display a screen, the touch screen doesn't seem to work.


So I have tried to load the "tchres" demo project, using the "tchres" touch screen driver from MQX, and I noticed this line :


#if (BSP_TWR_K70F120M || BSP_TWR_K60F120M)

        #error This application can not be supported on twrk70f120m and twrk60f120m boards (Used ADC have not gpio alternative).


My question is the following : can I use the touch screen in any way directly from the TWR-K60F120 connected to a LCD screen or is it not possible at all because of the reason mentioned above ?


Thank you for your answer !