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Fail to program FXTH87xx11 using USBDM

Question asked by sunrme on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Sumir Jha

Hi all,

I tried to use USBDM to program the FXTH87xx . But in the list of chips in Flash Programmer this MCU is absent. So, I insert this in the hcs08_devices.xml:


     <!ENTITY HCS08-alt-load-flash SYSTEM "HCS08/FXTH87xx11_Starter_Project_CW10.abs.s19">


     <flashProgram id="HCS08-alt-load-flash">




     <device family="HCS08" name="FXTH87xx11">

          <memory type="ram">

               <memoryRange start="0x000090" end="0x00028F" />


          <memory registerAddress="0x1820" type="flash" securityAddress="0xFFB0">

               <securityEntryRef ref="HCS08-fnored-security"/>

               <memoryRange start="0x00C000" end="0x00DFBF" />


          <sdid value="0x002C" />

          <flashProgramRef ref="HCS08-alt-load-flash" />



I'm not sure thay I use right values especially securityEntryRef section. But now flash Programmer detect my chip. But when I click Program Flash, on EraseMass status pop up error:


new error 2.png

Hope someone can help me.