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SDRAM connections MCF5208

Discussion created by rene gruhle on Sep 27, 2007
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Hi at all,
I will develop a board with the mcf5208. :smileysurprised:
Now I will know how to connect one or two (assembly option) respectively sdrams (K4S281632) to the cpu.
These signals are clear to me: -1st sdram D16-D31 to dq0-dq15
                                                  -dqm3 to udqm
                                                  -dqm2 to ldqm
                                                  -2nd sdram D0-D15 to dq0-dq15
                                                  -dqm1 to udqm
                                                  -dqm0 to ldqm
And what's about the address lines and chip selects? :smileymad:
Same address lines in 16bit and 32bit?
One chip select for both modes (16/32bit) or two?