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FlexCAN_uart_demo on K64F FLEXCAN_DRV_Send()  times out

Question asked by James Wiley on Dec 8, 2014

Using a greatly simplified version of the FlexCAN_uart_demo and noting the RX pullup suggested in earlier discussion(FlexCAN_uart demo on TWR-K64F120m or FRDMK64F using KDS ) am still getting timeout. Setup:

  • Ubuntu 10.14
  • Shield with ADM3053 driver
  • No debug
  • Logic analyzer shows TX & RX pulled up
  • All demo setup calls report success
  • Reduced demo only tries one send and no receives
  • Simplified UART code functions as expected and does not interact with CAN except to print error messages.
  • Reports timeout error and no level changes on logic analyzer.


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