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Unable to boot P2041rbd

Question asked by Omer Eskizara on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by yaxi Zhang



I am using P2041RDB. While i was trying to change the boot firmware, i erased the flash and wrote a wrong image to the NOR flash. Now i can't access to the cores with debug probes. I am using two different debug probes one of which is USB Tap. I realized that i corrupted the RCW settings according to the discussion board is unable to boot. I tried the instructions in Section "Setting a Remote System to Use a JTAG Configuration File" and "A.2 Using JTAG Configuration File to Override RCW" in document "Targeting_PA_Processors.pdf" but now JTAG fails with message "Failed To configure the JTAG chain". I tried the instructions in i am getting "Failed to configure the JTAG chain" when trying to test RCW Override functionality of Codewarrior but i couldn't override RCW. Please help me to re configure my board to its initial state.


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