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PWM input to output

Question asked by Tom R on Dec 6, 2014
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I am relatively new to Tower Systems and the control logic design as well. I am working on turning a Power Wheels toy into a RC car with some extras. I want to use a standard 2 channel Tx/Rx system to handle the drive and steering control. I have a receiver and have found that the output signal from it is a PWM signal with a frequency of 60 Hz, period of 16.4ms, and modulation width from 1.2ms to 1.8ms. I would like to have this signal input into my TWR-S12G128 and output if some conditions are met. Basically I want to use the tower to control whether or not the motor receives the signal. From the manual it looks like I can use PORT T to handle the input and output. can someone confirm this? Also is there anything particular I need to do in the code other than set the desired pins to I or O respectively and then make them = (PT2 = PT3, fro example)?


Thanks for any help on this!