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FRDM-KL43Z - Boot Loader and Application reference

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Dec 6, 2014

Hi All


I have seen that there is presently very little activity involving the (newish) KL43 and FRDM-KL43Z.

After spending a couple of days with this board (and the TWR-KL43Z) I have put together a small package for anyone who is contemplating or starting with the device/boards.


The main new things are that the KL43 supports crystal-less USB operation, has 2 low power UARTs (plus one conventional one) and a FlexIO module (otherwise similar to the KL46 without TSI). I haven't worked with the FlexIO module yet so cannot give any experience but in case you haven't heard about it before it can be used to emulate a variety of serial communication protocols (based on an array of shift registers) and also contains a number of 16 bit timers.


Apart from an I2C difficulty that I experienced [ KL43 I2C problem ] , the package allows some interesting things to be done:

- uTaskerSerialBoot-FRDM-KL43Z_KBOOT_MSD.bin is a boot loader binary that can be loaded to the board (drag it and drop it onto the FRDM-KL43Z drive that appears when the board is plugged in on its debug USB port. This supports KBOOT USB-HID loader (winupdater.exe version from KBOOT package 1.0.2) and also USB-MSD. The next binary can be loaded with either of these methodds (set address 0x8080 when loading with KBOOT) or drag and drop onto the upload disk that appears.

- uTaskerV1.4.8_FRDM-KL43Z.bin Application project with various stuff - command line menu on the UART at 115200Baud. RTC showing time in SLCD (set time in the "admin" menu); low power modes can be tested in the "admin" menu too; LPUART operates in DMA mode. [to return to boot mode hold SW1 down when resetting the board]

- uTaskerV1-4.8-FRDM-KL43Z-simulation.exe This is a simulation of the FRDM-KL43Z. It doesn't need any installation, just double click it to run the same code as seen below.







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