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SPI slave interrupt CRASH problem

Question asked by TOM JUNKANS on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2014 by soledad

I have a K20dx256 configured as an SPI slave generating an interrupt. (CW 10.5, MQX 4.1, Freescale tools)

All the SPI ISR does is get the data, set an event and reset the SPI interrupt registers. This has been working for over a year with no issues.


-Now, when I ramp up the SPI interrupts to over a few Khz the system crashes over time, hanging the debugger in the _mqx_idle_task() or in __boot().

-Debugging shows no stack overflow issues and no errors, there are 3 tasks running.

-I have my BSP_DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL set to "iodebug:" and BSPCFG_ENABLE_IODEBUG set to true. I can see printf()s on my console.

-In the code I run --> _int_install_unexpected_isr(); and _int_install_exception_isr(); which I understand will print some useful information to the console when I crash.

-My problem (besides the crash) is I see nothing printed to the console when I CRASH, no clues as to what is happening. The debugger stops in  _mqx_idle_task() or in __boot.


Any help getting CRASH information printed to my console or help figuring out what is causing my CRASH will be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,