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Problem when booting on battery imx233 bga: ERROR_DDI_SD_MULTI_READ_TIMEOUT (0x8020a023)

Question asked by Pierre Parent on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Pierre Parent

Hi all,


I have a custom board, with an imx233 BGA and 128 Mo of RAM. Everything works almost perfect but one thing.


When I boot form LiPo only I get "HTLCL0x8020a023" (I'm booting form SD BCB). But If I boot form 5V and then disconnect the 5V, the board stays up thanks to the battery.


The thing is I have another custom board with Imx233 LQFP package, with almost same electrical schematics, and very similar layout. And it boots ok from the same battery.


What I've tryed on my imx233 BGA board:

*Add huge capacitance in parallel of  the battery: no change.

*Add huge capacitance in parallel of  3.3v: no change.

*Add 10pf and 100pf capacitors in parallel of the inductor (see imx233 weird DCDC capacitor problems | olimex ): no change

*To replace the inductor by another model: no change.


I'm kind of running out of ideas.


Do you have any hint?


Thanks in advance.