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Question about the p2020rdb(e500 core) power mode.

Question asked by Minjo Kim on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by Scott Wood



I have questions.

I'm going to implement the power management module to reduce the power consumption of p2020rdb(e500 core).

So, I read the board & core manuals and I found about power management.

According to manuals, there are 2 methods.

     1. control the MSR[WE], and HID0[doze,nap,slep]

     2. GUTS_POWMGTCSR register.


I try to implement the power management module using above methods(especially doze mode).

And I guess maybe that work..

But I'm not sure that because decrementor makes timer interupt then core is returned to full-on state.

In manuals, after interupt service, core is returned to power saving mode(doze,nap...).

However, I can't check the power saving mode because my application is running..

I think, I am wrong and miss the some information or sequence.


Is there anyone who knows about using power saving mode??

Can power-saving module is implemented using only c code?? or It needs a assemble code?? 

And where can I get a source code??


Thanks in advance.