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EDT-FT5x06 Touch screen bringup in IMX6 Q7 Module

Question asked by Arulpandiyan Vadivel on Dec 3, 2014


          Module : imx6-q7

          OS Version  = 3.0.35

    We are using imx6-q7 module with EDT-FT5x06 touch screen controller. Since this controller driver is not built-in with 3.0.35 kernel, we have backport the driver from 3.6 kernel source.

This touch screen controller is i2c based and it is connected imx6 i2c controller (bus) 0. patched driver is able to probe the device,

1. We mapped the touchcontroller interrept to I.MX6 processor pin directly,

2. We have done all register setting to configure the correcponding pin as GPIO, then IRQ the GPIO pin is GPIO04_IO15 (ISR 104 as per Reference Manual).

3. Registered ISR is not invoking

4. The processor is not able to service the interrupt.

5. Below are the code change in board-mx6_seco_q7.c



#define MXS_GPIO_NR(bank, nr)   ((bank) * 32 + (nr))

static struct edt_ft5x06_platform_data mx6_seco_q7_edt_ft5x06 =


    .irq_pin = MXS_GPIO_NR(3,15),


static struct i2c_board_info mxc_i2c0_board_info[] __initdata = {


        I2C_BOARD_INFO("edt_ft5x06", 0x38),

        .platform_data   = &mx6_seco_q7_edt_ft5x06,

        .irq            = gpio_to_irq(MXS_GPIO_NR(3,15)),



Note :

     In /proc/interrupts, we are getting the isr number as 367.

Please help us to fix this issue,



Arulpandiyan Vadivel.