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CodeWarrior 10.6 exporting/importing project to arbitrary location. What is the simplest way pass the include directories paths when exporting so all the files don't have to be linked over again when the project is imported?

Question asked by Robert Hana on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Cesar Rabak

IDE: CodeWarrior 10.6




I am looking for a better solution to this problem. What I have done is exported project as a zip file. The project contained absolute paths to the location of my source and header files. After deleting the project completely from the hard disk, I unzip the project file in some other location then import the project once again (not to workspace.)


Going to Project --> C/C++ General

Next expand this category

Click on paths and symbols


in the "includes" tab, beneath languages select c,C,cc,cxx,cpp.

Paths to the include directories can be found here.




Every time I import a project the links are broken.


How would I export the project with absolute paths, so that the exported project will have the correct relative paths in an arbitrary location on another workstation?

Is this broken or am I doing something wrong? Should I change the project to relative links before exporting?


I would like all of the required source and header files in the zipped project folder and for the project to be able to find

the files without someone having to specify their locations. Is there a tool for this?



I have browsed the forums for this already:

When exporting a project from CW 10.5 and then importing it On Another Computer, I get errors for lost files.

Which would be the better way to export a codewarrior project and import in another PC?


Thank you.