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Current problem  MC9S08QE16 in Stop3.

Question asked by Braulio_Cespedes on Dec 2, 2014

Hello Everyone.


Recently I was assigned a project. But to achieve that project, I need to make the MC9S08QE16 go below to 4uA with a extern RTC.
Currently I was able to achieve 25-22~uA with RTC and 8-7.5~uA without RTC.


I had read a lot in the forum but I cannot make it go below.


I will attach some picture and the code.

Processor Expert Components:



Processor Expert CPU config:


RTC config:








  1. LVD module is disable in Stop mode.
  2. All unused I/O pins were set as Output and default value 0;
  3. ADC module is disable.



Thanks for advance.

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