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How to connect camera and IPU-CSI2 port ?

Question asked by Mamoru Kanou on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by igorpadykov

Our customer want to use the second camera using IPU2-CSI1 parallel interface.

IPU2-CSI1 pin allocation may be following.

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A17 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_12,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A18 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_13,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A19 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_14,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A20 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_15,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_D19 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_16,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A22 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_17,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A23 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_18,

MX6Q_PAD_EIM_A24 <= IPU2_CSI1_D_19,

According to i.MX6dq data sheet, after out of reset, these pins become the output port and out low level signal.

Therefore, after reset, Do we must not tie a signal of the CMOS camera to EIM_A[17:24] until  MUX_MODE is changed ?


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