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Ping problem MQX RTCS Shell example

Question asked by Dmitriy Magazeev on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by Dmitriy Magazeev


I'm using MQX 4.0.1 and the MCU Coldfire MCF5282. I prepeared MQX files for MCU. Then i tried to use a shell mqx example, and connect MCU to PC.

Initialization of the module, configuration of ip settings works fine, i tried to ping MCU from PC, and it works fine too. I can see the correct ICMP packets in the Wireshark.  I also saw arp packets, and PC found my device and added it in its arp table.

But i have problems to ping PC from the shell. There is no ICMP packets in the wireshark at all.

Does anybody know the reason of that behavior?