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How to make CW 4.6 work with a USB dongle on Win7 64 bit (native mode, no XP Mode)?

Question asked by Nicolas DALSTEIN on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Pascal Irrle

Hi !

As many of us here, my IT forced me to change my well-working PC under WinXP  to Win 7 64bits.

Now I face the tool transition. Among them CodeWarrior 4.6.


I read most of the post I could find on the Internet and here I stand :

       - I've been successful in installing Codewarrior 4.6 by removing P&E drivers as indicated.

       - I've been successful in installing USB dongle drivers for Win7. My dongle is well recognized, and I can read my FlexId with lmtools.exe


My Problems :

      1. When I say "I can read my FlexId with lmtools.exe", I don't precise which version of it :  11.09 is ok, 11.11 is ok, 11.12 (latest I could find) is not able to recognized the dongle.

      2. I have changed lmgrd.exe, lmtools and lmutils.exe to win7 64bit compatible versions.

      3. Launching CodeWarrior results in a "no finding licence" message.


I've read somewhere there is an incompatibility between CW 4.6 and the Win 7 64 bit USB dongle drivers.


Is this incompatibility real ?

Is there anything that could be done to make it work ?


How does CW make the connection with the USB dongle drivers (which dll or exe is implied into this ?)  ?

I saw an lmgr8c.dll in the installation of CW. I read that it is used for Borrowing Floating licence.

Is it its only functionnality ? What if i replaced it with a lmgr11.dll ?


I don't want to change my version of CW cause I somehow "qualified" it for my project and I don't want to go through this process again for a new version of CW.


Thanks for help !

(need I saying it begins to be urgent, as I am blocked on this subject for long time now ?)