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TDM in MPC8306 query

Question asked by will o'neill on Dec 1, 2014
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I am trying to use the TDM interface in a custom MPC8306-based board running Linux.  I am using the Freescale MPC8306 Linux BSP found here which uses Linux 2.6.34.  We are having some issues getting the TDM framer component of the code to transmit packets depending on our TDM clock and TDM sync source.  For one set of clock and sync signals, the TDM interface happily transmits data, for another set, the signals look okay, but we aren't seeing any transmit interrupts and no transmitted data.  If we switch to using baud rate generators instead of external clock and sync, we don't see the same problem.


Has anyone had any experience with the TDM interface in the MPC830x CPUs, and know what would prevent the TDM from transmitting?


Will O'Neill

Software Engineer

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