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How is iMX6 PCIE endpoint MSI generation setup?

Question asked by andreas karlsson on Dec 1, 2014
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We have an iMX6S running a RTOS, the iMX6 is configured as a PCIE endpoint. Now we want to enable MSI but so far without success. There are some posts on the community but all references are using Linux and I have to agree to one post that the RM seems incomplete How to generate MSI interrupt on i.MX6 in PCIe EP/endpoint mode. From the Linux posts you can see how they conifgure PCIE_PL_MSIxx registers, I've done that in a similar fashion but no luck so far in getting MSI interrupts through to the RC. From the RM I've read following chapters, but I still can't figure out what's missing, and to be frank it is described very vague in the RM. MSI MSI Generation in the AXI Bridge


Can someone describe how it is supposed to be done when not running Linux?