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QE Microcode download problem

Question asked by li rui on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by alexander.yakovlev

     I made a board according to MPC8306SOM , and download the uboot.bin. The QE can't work and hangs at "Net:". I found the problem is caused by the lack of QE ROM ,so I must download the qe firmware to flash , However I can't find the proper version of mpc8306 qe from websit "",and don't know which address of flash to be download,The address was defined in the mpc8306som.h ,"#define CONFIG_SYS_QE_FW_ADDR   0xFE7E0000" . Should I download firmware at  0xfff00000 address?  the start address of flash is 0xff800000.