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Wandboard Elo Touchscreen resolution and calibration

Question asked by pedropl on Nov 29, 2014
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I'm quite new to ARM developemnt and I've run into some issues concerned with the Elo 1519L touchscreen.


The board is Wandboard Quad. Kernel version is 3.10.17, I have successfully compiled and loaded the driver found on the Elo website.


The screen is conneceted via HDMI-DSub converter. I hope it's not the source of problems. The screen runs in default on 1280x720 mode. How can i change it into 1366x768? I've tried changing the modes in drivers/video/mxc/mxc_edid.c and changing the kernel command line in U-Boot but got only worse - "no signal detected".


What's more the default 1280x720 resolution is not a nightmare, unless the touch would work properly. The touch cant cover the whole display image. How can I perform calibration? Is there some layer that I can add to the image or something?


Thanks in advance,