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Where in the heck can I get an SWD adaptor for K64F?

Question asked by Scott Swanson on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Ken Gaebler

This is to buy an adaptor from the K64F header (1mm spacing ???) to a 0.1" pinout debugger (JTAG/SWD - 20 pin). I didn't see one on Segger or P&E or eBay..   I could be confused.


Also - for a deliverable product, OpenSDA seems to have no positives - just adds cost and a proprietary IC (since the code is not open source). Yeah, I'm new to Kinetis, but this seems confusing.


Anyway, SWD seems a very viable option to JTAG (less pins) and debuggers seem to be relatively low cost.


Any advice would be appreciated. And yes I searched and found a few threads on SWD.